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Provable Security: Theom integrates with Hedera!

Supreeth Rao
Navindra Yadav

Theom has integrated with Hedera to create a tamper-proof, auditable event log, ensuring any action taken on data by Theom or cloud providers is provable. This blog will briefly describe the need for provable security and what it means for cloud data security to be “provable.”

You can read more about our integration in the press release and various publications on the web.

Theom is a fully managed cloud data protection platform. Customers use Theom to protect critical business data on AWS data stores, Snowflake, or when data is in transit on APIs or message queues. Theom achieves these security outcomes through a cloud architecture that analyzes data inside customer environments with no data leaving the customer’s control. Theom preserves the integrity and sovereignty of customer data. To prove the security of Theom's cloud-native architecture, we use the Hedera Hashgraph technology. At large, the ‘shared responsibility’ nature and model of cloud/SaaS platforms (including Theom) means that customers need a solution to log, trust, and verify any action taken on their data.

Theom identifies and remediates critical risks to your enterprise data assets. While the risks identified can change the actions of your security teams, by providing financial liability information, Theom can pinpoint the critical actions your security team should take at any point in time. Our integration with Hedera can prove:

  1. Theom processed and analyzed the data within customer jurisdiction.
  2. The verdicts backing the data risks are provable, and any further changes to the data stores are recorded and traced.
  3. There was no tampering or corruption of data that identified the risks.

Thus, customers can verify and trust every data security risk identified by Theom.

Watch the recording of the webinar on "How Theom integrates with Hedera!"