Find data attacks and fix data exfiltration attempts

Detect and Stop Breaches

CISOs are primarily concerned about the security of a company’s data, ie. making sure that the data is only used within the guardrails defined in the data governance rules and only used by those that are intended to have access to the data.  

The rapidly rising number of hack attacks on companies and the currently prevalent focus on securing the parameter have created gaps that CISOs should be concerned about.  There is nothing like perfect perimeter security.  Theom recognizes the limitations of relying solely on perimeter security defenses, considering the increasing number of hack attempts that bypass traditional security measures.

By connecting identity with data and residing next to the data in the data store, Theom provides granular visibility and control over data access, going beyond perimeter defenses. This approach enables CISOs to detect and respond to threats that may originate from within the organization or bypass traditional security layers, filling the gaps left by perimeter security.

A new approach is needed as an increasing number of hack attempts bypass perimeter security with another class of insider threats. Theom uniquely connects identity with data and sits right next to the data embedded in the data store.  It is the difference between building an arming a fence around a building or sitting right next to a vault with the valuables. Theom can see every query into the data store in the clear – no encryption. This ability, supported by AI, allows Theom to tell if access is legitimate or not – even seemingly legitimate access is denied if it is out of line with historical usage patterns for a role/account.  

Furthermore, Theom continuously minimizes the attack surface by shrink-wrapping access rights and disabling overprovisioned accounts.  Overprovisioned accounts, which pose significant security risks, are automatically identified and disabled, reducing the potential for unauthorized access or misuse. Theom's capabilities extend beyond access control by correlating relevant intelligence to detect any attempts to stage or exfiltrate data. By analyzing data access events and patterns, Theom identifies suspicious activities that may indicate data staging or exfiltration attempts. Theom's AI-driven algorithms can recognize anomalous data access behavior and flag it as a potential security incident, enabling timely detection and response.

Theom provides robust governance and control mechanisms for data-sharing scenarios. CISOs can enforce sharing policies and govern data exchanges through direct shares, clean rooms, or data exchange marketplaces, ensuring secure collaboration and compliance with data governance regulations. Theom enables CISOs to maintain visibility and control over data-sharing activities, minimizing the risk of unauthorized data exposure or breaches.

By leveraging Theom, CISOs can enhance their security posture and bridge the gaps in traditional perimeter security measures. Theom's identity and data-centric approach, coupled with its AI-powered capabilities, allows CISOs to detect unauthorized access attempts, shrink-wrap access rights, disable overprovisioned accounts, and detect data staging or exfiltration attempts. Furthermore, Theom provides governance and control mechanisms for secure data sharing, enabling CISOs to enforce policies and maintain visibility over data exchange activities. This comprehensive approach strengthens data security and empowers CISOs to protect valuable assets effectively.

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Theom is SOC 2 Type 2 certified