Stop Data Breaches by Embedding Security With The Data

Theom lives natively inside the data cloud and lakehouse to enable next-generation DSPM, DAG, and SaaS DLP without your (meta)data leaving your jurisdiction.

The first AI-driven embedded security for data clouds and lakehouses

Superior compliance and risk management
  • Deep understanding of data and identities for complete visibility into individual queries
  • Baselining of behaviors and tracking of users/roles
  • Prevent attacks through an AI Early Warning System
  • Rightsize cyber insurance and reduce residual risk–Prioritize and remediate risks based on the $ value of data
Insider threat and ransomware detection, prevention and recovery
  • Detect phished users abusing data and suspend their access
  • Track attackers encryption keys, even if they hide their tracks
  • High-fidelity intelligence on threats and assets from inside the data store
  • Low-latency detection to stop attackers in their tracks
Data Access Governance
  • Shrink wrap access permissions to data, continuously
  • Know who has access to what data and what do they do with the data
  • Fine-grained access controls down to the individual cell and column
  • Ensure controls follow the data through the data pipeline
Embedded security for rapid time value
  • No agents, no proxies, and deploys in minutes
  • No performance impact
  • No cloud egress costs. Data always stays with the customer (ensures compliance too)
  • AI detection and prevention technology cannot be blinded or bypassed
  • Scales effortlessly as data volumes grow

Reduce attack surface for your data

Get good security hygiene.
Combine identity and deep understanding of data to reduce risks to critical data

Detect active threats to your data

Quickly and accurately detect attacks on sensitive data with high-fidelity events. No agents, no impact to apps

Remediate data threats in real time with existing tools

Use your existing SIEM/SOAR with no user re-training, to stop active data attacks

Visibility into data, and who’s accessing the data

Discover and classify data in your SaaS data lakes, warehouses, and stores. See who is accessing sensitive data, and identify if access is normal, abnormal, or over-provisioned.

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Preventive hygiene – identify, prioritize, and remediate risks to data

Prioritize risks to data, based on the criticality and financial value of data. Gain a consistent and complete view of risk for all your data clouds and lakehouses, and ensure preventive controls follow the data when it is cloned, copied or shared.

Detect and stop data breaches using MITRE ATT&CK framework

Theom’s AI Early Warning System detects active attacks on a data lake/warehouse and maps attack progression to Kill Chain sub-stages. For fast remediation, Theom enriches SIEM/SOAR with data threat context, including human/service identities.

Rapid time to value for security teams

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For SOC and Insider Threat teams

Detect active threats to data including unauthorized access to sensitive data, data abuse, and exfiltration, in near real time, and resolve incidents, via existing SIEM/SOAR, before they become data breaches.

  • ✓ Detect phished user identities
  • ✓ Stop ransomware abuse of data
  • ✓ Stop abnormal insider access
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For Cloud Security teams

Prevent threats to data and achieve security hygiene. Assess and mitigate risks based on the criticality of data and exposure.

  • ✓ Protect sensitive data
  • ✓ Data access governance
  • ✓ Compliance (HIPAA, PCI, CIS, NIST)