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Govern your data in Snowflake with Theom

Theom not only helps Snowflake customers manage, control, and monitor their organization’s access to sensitive data, but also helps them identify and stop threats to sensitive data. By embedding itself in Snowflake, Theom provides unmatched governance and breach detection capabilities without transferring any data out. 

Bringing a unified and consistent approach to Data Access Governance

Govern direct shares & clean rooms

Govern clean room access with a deep understanding of data and identities and manage access to data exchange marketplaces to unlock new revenue streams.

Insider risk management & breach prevention

Leverage AI to detect insider risks and stop data breaches before they happen.

Multi-cloud compliance & access auditing 

Harmonize data access, security, and compliance policies across cloud data stores and understand both the criticality of your data and the dollar value of your data within each store, all within one policy.