Drive digital transformation

Get the most out of data with transparency, quality, lineage, and governance.

Drive digital transformation

Data is a means to an end.  Its value is derived from the business use cases it supports to deliver superior customer value.  This could include new and higher value-added products or the ability to compress time to innovation. 

Strategically, CDOs are tasked with creating a robust platform that enables data ingestion, transformation, and utilization through business intelligence and analytics tools, ensuring that data's value is effectively delivered to business users.

However, CDOs face two significant challenges. The first challenge is dealing with the technical debt of legacy systems, which often results in data silos and outdated infrastructure that struggle to cope with the growing volumes of data. The second challenge is driving cultural change within the organization to recognize data as a critical asset and ensure ubiquitous access to data.

Data governance is the foundation upon which these challenges are addressed. Proper data governance ensures that the data flow across the enterprise is carefully architected, from its ingestion to its consumption. Data governance defines the rules and guidelines that govern the flow of data, ensuring its integrity, security, and compliance. Similar to traffic rules in the real world, these rules are critical for the smooth functioning of the data ecosystem, and deviations from them need to be identified early to maintain system integrity.

This is where Theom plays a pivotal role. Theom creates a trusted and secure environment that gives CDOs the confidence to drive change and make strategic decisions. By leveraging Theom, CDOs can securely move data into cloud data stores, enabling scalability, flexibility, and cost efficiency. Theom also facilitates the expansion of data access to new classes of users, ensuring that data is accessible to those who need it for their roles, fostering collaboration and innovation. Furthermore, Theom enables CDOs to explore new monetization models by exchanging data with external users, opening up opportunities for data-driven partnerships and business models.

Theom serves as a guardian of data governance, ensuring that the traffic rules defined by data governance policies are obeyed. It enforces data governance principles, validating data flow and ensuring that it aligns with the stipulated rules, thereby maintaining data integrity, security, and compliance. Theom's capabilities empower CDOs to implement and enforce effective data governance practices, ensuring that data flows seamlessly and by organizational requirements.

Theom holds significant value for CDOs by addressing technical challenges, enabling cultural change, and providing a trusted and secure environment for data-driven initiatives.

In summary, Theom empowers CDOs to

  • Drive data transformation
  • Facilitate access to data
  • Explore new monetization models, and
  • Ensure data governance principles are upheld, maximizing the value and impact of data within the organization