Generate compliance reports. Build access governance rules and remediate violations.  

Be on top of access governance rules and compliance posture for your organization’s Snowflake, Databricks, and Azure data stores.

Compliance, Audit & Risk

Organizations can generate comprehensive reports to demonstrate compliance with various data protection regulations built on NIST, HIPAA, Hitrust, and CIS. Theom's reporting tools make it easy to track and manage access requests, identify potential violations, and maintain a transparent and auditable record of data access activities.

Theom allows custom rules where organizations enable data access governance policies and monitoring of data-centric compliance best practices. Theom harmonizes access, data, and security across cloud data stores, thereby abstracting the technical differences across stores wrt policy and controls. With custom rules in Theom, controls follow the data as data is created, transformed, and managed within the cloud data stores of the enterprise.

All rule violations manifest in the risk dashboard, which details the likelihood and severity of every violation. Theom automatically maps the criticality of a data store and associates a $ value for every data store behind every risk. Enterprises rank risks based on impact and be aware of the $ value liability associated with every data risk. 

Theom’s compliance posture reports for internal and external policies enables cost-effective compliance programs, as enterprise can get multi-cloud data compliance posture and risk detection using a single tool. Theom is embedded within your data lakes and warehouses and builds out compliance and risk with no data transferred out.