Achieve consistent compliance across your data clouds

MUlti-cloud Compliance/AUDIT reports

As much as vendors like Snowflake and Databricks try to offer one-stop shopping for data & apps, around 30-40% of their customers also use their main competitor to avoid single vendor dependencies.  These superclouds then sit on top of any combination of AWS, Azure, or GCP.  Data Governance has to be federated and stretched across the entire data/app real estate to be effective

Theom normalizes dimensions and outcomes across all the clouds giving customers a harmonized experience towards governance and breach protection outcomes. The normalized data models abstract the complexities that exist within the individual data clouds.

Theom provides a single pane for governance. Policies can be defined using Theom’s AI-driven policy engine, and the same policies will apply across data clouds. This convenience helps customers maintain a single source of truth for policy information.


“The proof is in the product” - organizations can generate comprehensive reports to demonstrate their compliance with various data protection regulations built on NIST, HIPAA, Hitrust, and CIS. Theom's reporting tools make it easy to track and manage access requests, identify potential violations, document remediations and maintain a transparent and auditable record of data access activities. Furthermore, the entire rules framework underlying Theom’s decision-making can be documented for regulatory and compliance purposes. Reports are also customizable to fit individual needs all across the data clouds that customers are using.