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Secure, clean rooms, and data shares - confidently share and innovate with partners and 3rd parties with Theom securing the shared data.

Secure Clean Rooms & Data Exchange

As data sharing in clean rooms becomes more common, data access governance has to apply to the exchange of data with outside partners equally. The question is not who has access to the clean room but - at the same level of granularity as we enforce within the enterprise - who has fine-grained access to certain pieces of data and how do we enforce that the exchange of data complies with the rules and standards that are contractually agreed upon.  

Theom is the industry’s only holistic data-centric access governance platform designed to continuously evaluate all access of your trusted workforce and applications on cloud data stores. Theom secures clean rooms and data shares so enterprises can confidently share and innovate on their data with first parties and vendors. 

Securing clean rooms and data shares, particularly in the context of data lakes for collaborative analysis, involves implementing several measures to prevent data abuse and maintain security. Here are some key considerations that Theom addresses in securing clean rooms:

Shares/Direct shares governance: WIth Theom, enterprises can understand what shares are being used, what data is in those shares, and who is creating the shares. Governing shares is an important gap that Theom addresses.

Access Controls: Theom implements strong access controls to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to the clean room environment. Using Theom, enterprises can review and understand the reality of authorization privileges: who is accessing the data and who is not.

Data Masking: If fields have to be accessed in a masked or anonymized manner, using Theom, enterprises can ensure that no clear text accesses happen. Anonymization techniques and masking remove personally identifiable information (PII) or other sensitive data elements. If the clean rooms have to adhere to masked access, Theom ensures that all access complies. 

Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Theom employs DLP measures to monitor and prevent the unauthorized exfiltration of sensitive data from the clean room environment. This includes techniques such as data leakage monitoring, data classification, and data loss prevention policies.

Data access audit/monitoring: Enterprises can monitor all accesses and track suspicious activity for any data shares or data designated for clean rooms. 

Compliance and Regulations: Theom ensures that the clean room environment adheres to relevant compliance standards and regulations, such as HITRUST, HIPAA, NIST, or industry-specific regulations. Enterprise can regularly review and update security controls to maintain compliance using Theom’s access governance rules engine.

Theom supports data shares, clean rooms on Snowflake, and delta shares on Databricks. With sharing of data being secured, enterprises can collaborate on building new business models and confidently partner within their organizations and 3rd parties.