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Compliance and Audit serve the very important function of documenting to regulators and other bodies that a company handles its data in compliance with relevant rules outlined in laws and regulations.  Compliance has become a multi-dimensional function as it depends on the industry, size, and location of a company.  Providing evidence of compliance can be very time-consuming and costly.  

Theom offers significant support to Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) leadership in managing compliance and audit functions effectively:

Streamlined Compliance Documentation:

  • Compliance and Audit functions play a vital role in demonstrating that a company adheres to relevant laws and regulations regarding data handling.
  • Theom significantly simplifies documenting compliance by providing reporting solutions out of the box.
  • With pre-built reporting capabilities, Theom enables GRC leadership to generate comprehensive reports that showcase compliance efforts, minimizing the time and resources required for documentation.

Customizable Workflows and Reports:

  • Theom offers flexibility through its professional services, allowing GRC leadership to tailor workflows and reports to meet specific compliance requirements.
  • Through customization, organizations can align Theom with their unique industry, size, and location-related compliance needs.
  • Theom's professional services team collaborates closely with GRC leadership to understand their specific workflows and reporting needs, ensuring that the solution is customized to suit their compliance objectives.

Efficient Compliance Management:

  • Theom serves as a centralized platform for managing compliance-related activities and data governance.
  • GRC leadership can leverage Theom's features to establish and enforce data governance policies, ensuring compliance with relevant rules and regulations.
  • Theom's access control capabilities enable organizations to define and enforce fine-grained permissions, ensuring that data is accessed and handled by compliance requirements.

Audit Trail and Data Integrity:

  • Theom maintains a comprehensive audit trail of data access activities, providing a reliable record for audit purposes.
  • GRC leadership can rely on Theom's audit trail to demonstrate data integrity, track data access events, and ensure accountability.
  • Theom's logging and reporting capabilities support compliance audits and provide evidence of adherence to regulations and industry standards.

Regulatory Alignment:

  • Theom supports compliance with regulations and frameworks such as NIST, HIPAA, Hitrust, and CIS.
  • By aligning with industry-specific regulations, Theom enables GRC leadership to demonstrate compliance with the relevant rules and provide evidence of adherence to regulatory requirements.

Cost and Time Savings:

  • Theom's reporting solutions and customizable workflows help GRC leadership save significant time and resources associated with compliance documentation.
  • By leveraging Theom's out-of-the-box reporting capabilities, organizations can avoid developing complex reporting systems from scratch, reducing costs and time spent on compliance-related activities.

Overall, Theom empowers GRC leadership by streamlining compliance documentation, offering customization options for workflows and reports, facilitating efficient compliance management, ensuring data integrity, and supporting regulatory alignment. By leveraging Theom's capabilities, organizations can effectively demonstrate compliance, save costs, and streamline their GRC processes.