Govern, Secure, Protect, and Report on data related to Legal Hold.

Theom empowers identifying, collecting, and securing data subject to legal hold.

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Legal hold management is a crucial process in enterprises to preserve relevant data and information for potential litigation or investigation. It involves identifying, collecting, and securing data that may be subject to legal hold, thereby preventing its deletion or alteration.  Access to data on legal hold is very limited and has to be thoroughly documented and approved.  Frequently, data on legal hold is stored on colder storage that could also be on-prem. 

Legal Hold Management:

Theom provides functionality for initiating and managing legal holds.

  • The legal team can leverage Theom's interface to create reports about access governance related to hold notices, specifying the scope, duration, and relevant data sources.
  • Theom integrates with the organization's IT systems to enforce legal hold mechanisms on the identified data sources.
  • This ensures that data subject to legal hold is preserved, preventing deletion or alteration.

Compliance Reporting:

  • Theom's reporting tools enable organizations to generate comprehensive reports demonstrating compliance with various data protection regulations, including those based on NIST, HIPAA, Hitrust, and CIS.
  • Theom collects and consolidates data access activities from across cloud data stores, abstracting the technical differences in policy and controls.
  • Custom rules within Theom allow organizations to define data access governance policies and monitor compliance best practices.
  • Theom tracks and manages access requests, identifies potential violations, and maintains a transparent and auditable record of data access activities.

Risk Dashboard and Criticality Assessment:

  • Theom's risk dashboard displays all rule violations, detailing the likelihood and severity of each violation.
  • It automatically maps the criticality of each data store, associating a monetary value with the risk posed by every data store.
  • Enterprises can rank risks based on their impact and be aware of the financial liability associated with each data risk.
  • Theom's is embedded within the data stores, ensuring compliance and risk assessments are performed within the data environment, enhancing security and reducing data transfer risks.
  • By incorporating legal hold management and expanding the reporting capabilities, Theom offers organizations a comprehensive solution for data protection compliance and legal hold requirements. It facilitates compliance reporting and risk assessment and provides a centralized platform for governing/securing legal holds, ensuring organizations maintain transparency, accuracy, and adherence to regulatory obligations.