AI Driven Data Access Governance

Security for AI by AI - From Gen AI to GAN

Data governance is usually defined as a set of policies that apply to the entire data lifecycle from ingestion to disposal.  Observing/ cataloging data and encapsulating a desired state in policies are usually foundational steps at the beginning of the data journey toward AI. However, expressing intent through policies can’t be done in isolation. Policies need to be enforced and continuously updated based on actual vs intended behavior to be of any value.  In a world with rapidly rising ransomware, insider attacks, and other sophisticated attempts at exfiltrating data, enforcement quickly requires deep security expertise.  For most data store vendors, this expertise is either in its infancy, as this is not their core domain, or it sits far away in dedicated security groups where data expertise does not exist.  As outlined in greater detail below, traditional security architectures make it even harder to protect data because of their perimeter focus. To overcome these shortcomings, Theom uniquely integrates the definition of intent through policies with deep enforcement expertise based on sophisticated AI-based security.  

Theom’s AI engines drive easy-to-deploy AI-driven data governance with the burden of creating the rightly provisioned access policies, detecting and stopping atypical access, and even stopping data exfiltration attacks, all being done by Theom for your enterprise.