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Data Security Bytes 02: Data proliferation and what that means to security?

Supreeth Rao

Data proliferation on the cloud is real. Storage costs have gone down. Data volume on Cloud Stores and SaaS Databases is always on the rise. The security controls do not follow the fluidic nature of data. If a database table is dumped into an S3 bucket later loaded into Snowflake, it becomes hard to govern a data-centric security policy. 

For example, if an enterprise wants to secure all its PII data, the day is always encrypted and never exposed publicly. It may become apparent that there are tools to secure PII data on a database. However, it gets complicated as the same data is shared over an API, dumped into an object store, the table is copied into a different SaaS database.

The problem of data proliferation on the cloud is creating a need for data-centric cloud security approaches, where the controls follow the data.