Snowflake Attack Detection

Detect and stop attacks on your Snowflake data warehouse. Theom is the only product that can detect and stop attacks on your Snowflake data warehouse. Detect abnormal access and attacker tools, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) inside the Snowflake data warehouse and map them to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Theom runs inside your warehouse instance and does not take data out of your environment. Detect malicious use of native Snowflake capabilities, including load, query, clone, share, and export, to prevent data breaches.

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MITRE ATT&CK - mapped to data!
Role provisioning analysis screenshot

Take control of your data in Snowflake

Achieve Data Access Governance with controls at the table and column level. Identify users and roles having atypical or over-provisioned access, and shrink-wrap user permissions and role privileges with workflows out of the box.

Identify insider threats and phished users

Identify a phished user accessing Snowflake and quarantine or block the user through integration with your SIEM/SOAR. 82% of attacks are caused by phishing and social engineering; the lack of visibility and identification of insider threat access is a gap in the industry. Identify active threats in near real time, and thwart attacks early in the attack lifecycle, with Theom’s AI-based attack detection engine.

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MITRE ATT&CK - mapped to data!
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Go beyond detection–understand susceptible posture and prevent future breaches

Be on top of the susceptibility posture for other known breaches. As soon as CISA discloses a breach, Theom will identify susceptible postures and let you know if there is a risk of a data breach by using preventive rules, which run continuously. As new data is created, shared, and transformed, Theom discovers, classifies, and associates best practice violations to build the right preventive posture for Snowflake.

Know the most important data tables, and who is accessing them

Gain unmatched visibility into Snowflake. Discover, classify, and understand the financial value of data automatically. Whether is is users or machines, see who is accessing the most critical data. You get comprehensive data visibility inside Snowflake.

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Unmatched visibility