Data security posture management (DSPM)

Secure data in cloud data stores, lakes and warehouses including Snowflake, Azure, AWS, and Databricks. Assess data security posture and risks continuously, and remediate via your existing SIEM/SOAR. Gain complete closed-loop security and ensure data breach risk is reduced. Understand the likelihood of breaches with data store impact and financial value for every risk. With Theom, your security teams can sleep well knowing their data is secured.

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Secure your modern data infrastructure
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Visibility into data, and who is accessing the data

Address data sprawl–discover and classify data

Automatically discover cloud data, classify and associate the data to entities with sensitivity scoring. Determine criticality and associate data store attributes to the understanding of data (classification). Associate access vectors, including user, vendor, and location, with data and security attributes along normalized dimensions that work across clouds. You can now understand your data security posture with a common relationship model.

Continuous evaluation of data risks–reduce attack surface

Track risks to data stores continuously and gain a single view for all users so everyone is aligned on data risks. For every risk, quantify the likelihood and impact with criticality and financial dollar value. Remediates risks via native modules in your SIEM/SOAR, automatically.

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Prioritized risks with $ value for impact
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Security that moves with your data

Controls that follow the data

Ensure data security, assurance, and compliance controls follow data even as it is transformed, copied, or shared. Theom abstracts the technical differences across stores and harmonizes controls consistently. Align your existing cloud security controls (IAM, infrastructure, and database) to ensure data breaches do not happen.

Data rules engine to prevent breaches

Identify risks to data and compliance violations continuously. Enforce rules incorporating best practices for data store access, security, and compliance with CIS, OWASP, NIST, HIPAA, and HITRUST regulations. Get automatic updates to rules from Theom’s cloud for protection against cloud ransomware and breaches that have been disclosed recently.

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