Theom Insights Snowflake  Application


Theom offers a large set of security features and capabilities within its platform to ensure protection, integrity and compliance of the data.

Theom Insights application offers robust capabilities for data classification, enabling organizations to categorize and manage their data efficiently. It provides insights for shrink wrapping permissions for datastores, users and roles which are overly provisioned. Provides insights on malicious access attempts, network policy modifications and tracks Snowflake UI login outliers to identify potential security threats. This application works along with your Theom deployed snowflake environment.


The app has the following dashboard pages:

✔ Over-provisioning - Over-provisioned datastores, users and roles can pose security risks by granting unnecessary privileges, potentially exposing sensitive data. Theom provides insights into data access over-provisioning and assists in shrink wrapping permissions

✔ Malicious Access - Theom provides insights and monitors/alerts on any malicious access attempts to your snowflake environments

✔ Recent Grants - Theom provides visibility and alerting on any new role grants. Monitoring recent grants within a database system is crucial for managing access controls effectively, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access

✔ Network Policy Modification - Monitoring Snowflake network policy modifications is crucial for maintaining data security and regulatory compliance

✔ Data Export - Theom monitors data export transfers  to external systems and provides insights on security risks like unauthorized extraction or leakage and anomalous data transfers

✔ Service Accounts with Password Usage - Monitoring service accounts tracks their password usage, crucial for security and compliance; irregularities can indicate threats, so regular reviews are essential to identify anomalies, strengthen access controls, and prevent breaches

✔ Vulnerable Clients - Theom monitors and provides insights on clients impacted with known CVE's in your snowflake environments

Required access and privileges for full functionality of the application