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New SEC Cybersecurity Rules Define Need for Early Detection of Data Breaches

Supreeth Rao

In July, the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) released new requirements for cybersecurity risk management, strategy, governance, and incident reporting to bring light to the growing landscape of cybersecurity threats. Public companies are now required to report data breaches within four days of their detection. 

These new requirements impose a short timeframe to report such incidents in detail, demanding that companies have high visibility into and security intelligence of their data stores to understand how the attack originated. Without an automated tool, that discovers inventory of the changes in your data store and provides high-level abstractions, meeting these new compliance standards will be incredibly difficult. Theom's automated early data breach detection system simplifies this complex process, providing a solution pertinent to the current regulatory climate. 

A proactive approach to security

The essence of Theom lies in its proactive approach to security. Unlike traditional systems that focus on perimeter protection, Theom embeds within data clouds and warehouses, placing data protection at the core of its strategy. This data-centric approach enables Theom to have unmatched visibility into the data store so that it can understand data access patterns and focus on identifying the risks and abnormalities before an incident occurs. 

Theom's relationship maps

Effective governance on Snowflake and Databricks

Sharing data within your own company always lends itself to risk. Sharing data with third parties lends itself to much higher risk. Theom governs data sharing within your organization and extends governance to clean rooms and data exchange marketplaces on platforms like Snowflake and Databricks.

Theom’s AI engines ensure that the data on data exchange marketplaces are governed appropriately so that only the right people can access the right data at the right time. Theom also quantifies the impact of wrong access. The quantification helps enterprises prioritize what governance issues to be addressed first. Theom provides details on the inbound and outbound shares, who is accessing the shares, and if there is any atypical access to the data shares. Theom extends governance capabilities to shares with high visibility and understanding of data and access for each share, providing another layer of assurance for organizations relying on these platforms for critical data operations.

By monitoring and evaluating access to your trusted data, Theom ensures that you have the right posture to detect attacks and stop breaches proactively, providing a more resilient and intelligent defense mechanism against cybersecurity threats.

Efficient and cost-effective deployment on Snowflake and Databricks

Not only is Theom's approach comprehensive, but it's also highly efficient. The platform offers low operational costs, no hidden data transfer fees, and no need for staff retraining. Its fully automated deployment accelerates time to value in just 2-3 hours, enabling organizations to access the insights on their data on the same day. Theom runs with no agents, uses the native capabilities of every store, and delivers the outcomes within the store so that no data leaves the customer’s control. Theom’s quick deployment and light lift enable enterprises to confidently focus their time on mission-critical initiatives knowing their data environment is secure.  

Comprehensive integration

Theom integrates with existing ITSM, SIEM, and SOAR systems, such as ServiceNow, Jira, Splunk, and Azure Sentinel, allowing organizations to leverage their current investments, reducing the complexity and overhead of managing multiple security solutions.

Complying with the SEC requirement

The new SEC requirements add a layer of urgency to the need for robust protection of data. Theom's ability to detect breaches and evaluate attack susceptibility can help enterprises adhere to these new regulations with swift identification and reporting, and also help enterprises prevent future cybersecurity incidents.

The future of cloud data security

As more businesses migrate to the cloud, securing critical data becomes increasingly important. Theom’s focus on data-centric governance, integration with existing tools, and alignment with regulatory requirements positions it as an essential partner for businesses in navigating the complex landscape of cyber threats. 

In a world where data breaches are not a matter of 'if' but 'when,' investing in a platform like Theom that provides comprehensive and proactive security is not just a wise business decision but a necessity.


Theom is an AI-driven, cloud data-centric platform that goes beyond mere protection. It expands governance for your critical data in the cloud and includes state-of-the-art breach detection and attack susceptibility evaluations. Adhering to recent regulatory requirements, offering seamless integration with existing tools, and providing a cost-effective solution, Theom is the answer to the modern challenges of cloud data security.