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GDS Security Summit Panel: How to identify and prevent threats to cloud data (video)

Nagraj Seshadri

At the 2022 GDS Security Summit, Supreeth Rao from Theom led a panel discussion on how to protect data more effectively in the cloud. Panelists included:

  • Manas Giri CISO, WestJet
  • Supreeth Rao Co-founder and CTO, Theom
  • John Podboy SVP Cybersecurity, Fifth Third Bank
  • Rebekah Wilke Director of Information Security Operations, onsemi

The last couple of years have seen the largest and most rapid work transformation in history. This transformation has accelerated cloud adoption and resulted in more data moving to the cloud. The risk of data breaches has also increased. How can you unify your security, cloud, and data teams to more effectively identify, prevent and respond to threats to data? And how can you confidently answer the question, “Is my data really secure?”

In the cloud, the data attack surface continues to expand as data stores proliferate to include analytical, relational, graph, document, and object stores. Sensitive data at rest and in transit must be protected. It’s not enough to secure the data. Access must also be secured, especially with a distributed and diverse IT workforce. According to the Verizon Data Breach Incident Report 2022, 70% of data breaches result from the exploitation of access.

It is crucial to build a strategy that secures your organization’s data in the cloud, shifting from an infrastructure-centric approach to a data-centric approach. So how can we secure sensitive data in the cloud while ensuring business applications are not interrupted, user experience is not affected, and legitimate access to data is always allowed? 


It starts with unifying or aligning your security, cloud, data, and teams. This panel discussion will explore this concept and how to leverage your infrastructure to best secure your organization’s data.