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Data Security Posture Management (DSPM)

Nagraj Seshadri

Theom is built from the ground up to deliver data-centric security, which makes it effective data security posture management. Theom can be described as a data bodyguard in the cloud for enterprises. It provides intelligence on the risks to the data and then ensures that controls follow the data, whether the data is at rest or in motion. Theom’s DSPM capabilities include:

  • Data discovery and classification provide visibility into data stores, establish the criticality of data, and assess the financial value of data potentially at risk.
  • Data-access relationship mapping brings together an understanding of data and the users and roles accessing the data into a single view.
  • A continuous data risk register prioritizes the top risks to the data based on criticality, anomalous access patterns, and other security attributes that contribute to data risk.
  • Controls that follow the data – Theom works like a bodyguard, following the data in the cloud through data stores, shadow copy locations, APIs, and message queues. Regardless of the underlying data store technology, Theom ensures controls are aligned to mitigate risks to the data. Theom integrates with SIEM/SOAR solutions to drive remediation.
  • Data rules engine to prevent breaches – after ensuring the initial data security posture is appropriate, Theom data security guardrails technology to continuously monitor for new risks and helps ensure they are mitigated immediately.

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