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Data Security Bytes 06: Continuous proactive protection against new emerging breach techniques.

Supreeth Rao

Danesh (VP Engineering, Theom) describes the importance of continuous, proactive protection against emerging data breaches in this video. 

Though there are a lot of security tools, breaches have not stopped. Data breaches are growing faster, making breach prevention a high priority for management and boards of companies. The cost of a data breach goes beyond the fines imposed. It can include legal costs, reputation damage, or opportunity cost. More recently, in health care companies, the cost of a data breach or a ransomware incident has led to the loss of human life. Rather than reacting to ransomware or data breaches, a better approach is proactive protection against breaches. A proactive protection approach can help build the right processes and practices to prevent data breaches. 

Proactive protection - what does that mean?

  • Breaches are disclosed regularly.
  • Every breach has a TTP (technique, tactic, and procedure) associated with the root cause.
  • Is your enterprise susceptible to a similar TTP? If so, can that be remediated before it is exploited?
  • The industry is working on best practices based on where data is stored and cloud environments. Measuring against such best practices is essential to building an effective security program. 
  • How aligned is your data posture to best practices?
  • If there are security violations, how severe is the impact on your enterprise? What is the likelihood of the breach? How easy is it to exploit?

Understanding the risk, the susceptibility, and the potential impact of a breach (if not remediated), can help enterprises prioritize protection and move to prevent breaches and reduce the attack surface proactively.