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Continuous monitoring for compliance and regulations

Supreeth Rao

Theom monitors security and compliance risk posture while enabling teams to remediate violations. With Theom’s risk dashboards, everyone within the enterprise will see the same view of a compliance or regulation violation. This removes any siloed thinking within the organization and can lead to better efficiencies wrt planning, identification, and remediation of compliance risks. Theom estimates the financial value of every data store to the enterprise so that the impact of every risk to the business and the corresponding remediation can be quantified. 

Theom has a cloud push for rules to guard for industry best practices like NIST-CSF, CIS, OWASP, HIPAA, and HITRUST, as well as other disclosed cloud breaches. Additionally, enterprises can also define their own custom controls based on the security abstractions that are available within Theom.

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